Welcome to The Corner Bar Website!

Photo, editing & treatment by Virtually Liberty.

The Corner Bar has been a staple in Liberty for as long as any of us can remember. We’ve recently learned a lot about the history of the land, the structure and the people who cared for it for over 100 years.

Liberty Carriage Works sat on the corner of Kansas and Leonard. Photo courtesy of Clay County Archives, edits by Virtually Liberty.

We were surprised to learn that no one had ever thought to research the history of the Corner Bar before. It was daunting but exciting, because all information was new information. MJ McNeece from Virtually Liberty took the task on, and with the help of the folks at the Clay County Archives she was able to find some pretty cool photos and documents related to the Corner Bar and its long Liberty history to share.

The friendly folks at the Clay County Recorder of Deeds were super-helpful in assisting in our land records search and the Clay County Assessors office was lightning-fast with their response to an inquiry about the building. In short, thanks to the great people of Liberty, we found out quite a lot about our favorite watering hole. (Read the Corner Bar history here.)

Image courtesy of Clay County Recorder of Deeds.

We hope you enjoy learning about what we’ve found out, but we’re actively looking for more information because there’s a lot we don’t know! If you have information or memories you’d like to add to what we’ve rediscovered thus far, please send us a note. We continue to aggressively seek any and all photos of our building, inside and out.

We also have a new logo – thanks to Rob McNeece at Virtually Liberty – that is featured on the site and will be used on all kinds of cool Corner Bar swag very soon.

Through this website and new social media channels, we will do our best to keep you informed about what’s going on at the Corner Bar.

As always, thanks for your friendship and company!

P.S. T-shirts coming soon!

6 thoughts on “Welcome to The Corner Bar Website!”

    1. Yes! We have Pulled Pork Sandwiches on Mondays, Wednesdays are always Taco Night and on Saturdays we switch it up. Last Saturday Patty served Biscuits & Gravy with sides for breakfast AND fried chicken with sides for lunch. Tomorrow we’ll have homemade meatloaf and sides. Oh – and we can always throw a pizza in the oven any time. 🙂

  1. Love the old corner bar. Great idea to capture its history mow!. I remember when my Aunt worked there and we would stop to see her. I felt really big setting at the bar with my sis.
    Cannot do that now!

    1. Thanks so much. Half of the fun of this project has been the public’s response. For a little place, the Corner Bar sure has left a big impression on folks! 🙂 We’ll definitely keep you informed about what we continue to learn. Thanks again!

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