St Louis-Style Pizza at Liberty’s Corner Bar

St. Louis-style pizza

TJ’s Pizza, if you didn’t know it already, is kind of a big deal.

TJ’s Pizza is St. Louis-style pizza. Did you know there was such a thing? St. Louis-style pizza is very different from any other style pizza. Although delicious in their own right, Chicago’s deep-dish pie or New York’s massive, greasy offering are worlds away.

What exactly identifies a pizza as having the St. Louis style? Well, it’s a few things. First of all, it’s the crust. St. Louis-style pizza is made from a super-thin, cracker-like crust. It’s different from a “regular” thin crust that you may have had before. It’s even thinner.

Provel cheese, a St. Louis standard

And secondly, it’s the cheese. St. Louis-style pizza features Provel cheese, which is a combination of cheddar, swiss and provolone cheeses. Once melted, its consistency is closer to Velveeta than block cheese. It’s smooth and creamy. And it’s a delicious addition to this (or any, really) Italian-American classic.


St. Louis-style pizza is always cut in squares

To top it all off, we cut our TJ’s Pizza in the traditional St. Louis manner, in squares.

It may not seem like that much of a departure from a regular thin-crust pizza until you’ve actually tasted it. And fortunately for us, TJ’s Pizza is about as good an example of St. Louis-pizza as you’ll find anywhere, even in St. Louis. Many agree that TJ’s is on-par with the declared St. Louis standard, Imo’s Pizza. And we have it at the Corner Bar. Here in Liberty. Lucky me, lucky you, lucky us!

Stop in for a beer and order one ($10/$12 for supreme) to eat with us or take home. But consider yourself warned: you WILL come to crave it. You won’t expect it but it’ll happen.

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