People like us. They really, really like us.

Best bar, best people, best location! I love this bar!


Downtown Liberty, close to home. We gather with friends for pool and shuffleboard. Playing music is cheaper than most places. We really like it.


Great friendly place for drinks and food! I would highly recommend!


You get a coozie with your can. Excellent. A true dive bar and always great service.


Great bar and even better people! Never had an issue.


Convenient, friendly and definitely local! Good place to meet friends!


Amazing bar. Amazing people! Great drinks. Great food!


Buzzy is an amazing bartender and the place is nice and welcoming good place to go if you are in the Liberty area.


Buzzy’s the ****ing best and the specials will always leave you happy.


Buzzy n Shorty!! Very nicely done and showed us a good time.


I had fun as always, don’t get in there as much as I would like to but I always have fun when I do. I usually like to stop in for a few beers and then go home.


Coldest beer in town. True tavern atmosphere. My favorite bar!


The Corner Bar is cozy and friendly and we love the shuffleboard table!


A good place to see old friends, get to know new friends, and play a game of pool or shuffleboard!


Everyone’s so friendly, just a fun place to hang out.


Cold beer…. Good times and better friends! If you have a chance… Do it.


Back in the day, like 40 years ago, I would walk there, by myself, to go see my dad and friends. They were always welcoming even if I was a young one back then and loved that!


Love the corner… several of us meet there as often as possible. Friendly service, quaint, comfortable. C’mon everyone, give it a try again. Let’s make it a class reunion, or old friend/family reunion.